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Blog June 2016

June 30, 2016 by acornvillas-dp

In a job interview first impressions count. In an increasingly competitive jobs market you simply don’t want to give the panel a reason to look elsewhere or be distracted by your personal appearance.

So turning up to an interview in a t-shirt probably isn’t the best idea. As dentists we wanted to see where teeth fit into the equation, and I’ll admit we were taken aback by the results.

It seems the public now view poor oral health alongside scruffiness, and is way ahead of weight and dress code violations, as a barrier to getting hired.

We got YouGov to ask a representative sample of the public what they felt would hinder a candidate’s chances of securing employment in roles like receptionists or solicitors; public or client-facing roles where first impressions matter.

A whopping 77% of respondents felt that decayed teeth or bad breath would be a barrier– while only half that number felt the same about being overweight.

Sixty-two per cent felt applicants with visibly decayed teeth, missing teeth or bad breath would be at a disadvantage securing any role, with six in 10 believing it could hinder promotion prospects.

What’s telling was the consistency of the responses. Rich and poor, young and old, English, Welsh and Scots, all drew the same the conclusions. The public consistently ranked teeth alongside scruffiness, and way ahead of weight and dress code violations, as a barrier to getting hired.

It’s a stark reminder that a winning smile isn’t just for fans of selfies, it’s for anyone who wants to get on in life.

What can we do about it then? For candidates the lesson is simple: take good care of your teeth; use a fluoride toothpaste; see your dentist regularly.

amy cert pic
Congratulations to one of our Dentists!

Dr Amy Langfield one of our Dentists has recently completed a Diploma in the Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming and also an Introduction course on Hypnosis for Coaches and Health Care Professionals. She is hoping to use her new found skills to help treat anyone who feels nervous about their visit to the surgery.

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